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Investment opportunities

Atacama Lithium PLC is currently in the organisation phase. Seed investors ensure that the company can take all the necessary steps on the way to a first public financing round. The top priority is to set up our local offices, recruit qualified personnel and initiate regulatory approval procedures.


Requests for equity investments are only accepted from selected and experienced seed investors in order to meet all regulatory requirements.


Primary IPO

According to current planning, a first tranche of share capital will be offered for placement to interested investors in September 2023. Negotiations are currently underway with several stock exchanges in Europe to list the shares of Atacama Lithium PLC in public trading. The company is supported by experienced and renowned banks, brokers and law firms.


At this stage, no offers to purchase shares can be made and no shares of the Company will be publicly traded. It is only possible to register as an interested party free of charge and without any obligation for both parties..  

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